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Modules Useful in combination with CGI::Application

There are a number of plugins on this page (e.g., C:A:P:Session) that should be on the Plugins page instead. This page is intended to list other modules that are NOT C:A:Plugins.




  • DBIx::Simple, an excellent alternative to using DBI directly.
  • Class::DBI A popular database abstraction layer. Has a wiki knowledgebase and a presentation slides
  • DBIx-Recordset DBI wrapper recommended by p5ee.
  • DBIx::Abstract by Andrew Turner
  • SQL::Abstract by Nathan Wiger: Similar to be DBIx::Abstract. However, it doesn't require a database handle and can provide better performance than DBIx::Abstract in some cases.
  • SQL::Interp - Similar to DBIx::Abstract and SQL::Abstract, but with a simple and flexible approach to complex SQL generation.

Session Handling

Form Validation


Note that although CAP::HTMLPrototype or CGI::Ajax might be useful to get you started with AJAX, you don't need to use them.


Page Generation

  • Petal - TAL for Perl
  • HTML::FillInForm - Populate HTML forms with query data. It's used behind the scenes in the ValidateRM plugin



Other Modules

Some are recommended by p5ee.

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